About the Authors

Mark Yarnell is the author of eleven books, including the international bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing. As a network marketing leader, he has built an organization of 300,000 people in 21 countries.

Mark and Dr. Charles King of Harvard University created the first certification course in network marketing taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago and in Seoul, Korea since 1993.

Mark was named Philanthropist of the Year by the Washington Post, honored with The American Dream Award from The Howard Ruff Company, named The Greatest Networker in the World by UplineŽ, and inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

Valerie Bates has over twenty-five years' business experience and has enjoyed successful careers in teaching, management consulting and network marketing.

Thanks to network marketing, Valerie was a work-from-home mom when her children were young. Prior to re-engaging in network marketing ten years ago, she owned a management consulting practice for a decade where she conducted strategic plans, business plans and conflict resolution for corporations, government organizations and not-for-profit entities in Canada and the U.S. She also designed and taught numerous programs on leadership, change, facilitation and personal development.

Valerie is the author of four network marketing and personal development books.

Valerie and Mark continue actively building their networking business today. Their goal is to help others rise to their full potential and enjoy greater freedom and fulfillment. Married ten years ago, they live in beautiful British Columbia surrounded by mountains, lakes, and best of all, family.

Derek Hall is an industry veteran of 44 years and says that he has flunked retirement three times. He has created corporate cultures that put distributors' and employees' success first. He's a steadfast believer in the concept of "servant leadership," which emphasizes the CEO's role as steward of company's resources.

By remaining focused on fiscal responsibility and managed growth, Derek ensures that companies will be profitable, sustainable, and scalable.

Derek knows what it means to seek a better life. As a 15 year old, he emigrated from England to America, when his father, who at the time had worked in the Yorkshire coal mines for 21 years, decided that he didn't want his two sons working in the coal mines as he did.

Derek began his career working as a truck driver at a Fortune 500 company eventually working his way up the company's ranks to become Chief Sales Officer of what was then a $11 billion company. This profound life experience convinced Derek that, with determination and hard work, unbounded personal success is possible. Derek went on to serve as CEO of four other companies. It was at one of these companies that he fell in love with the networking marketing distribution model.

At age 64 he felt he had much more to give and, with four partners, created a new network marketing company and incorporated into it all that he had learned in the previous years in business.

Derek has been married to his wife Shelby for 44 years as of this writing. They have four children and 18 grandchildren and are enjoying their new adventure together.

Shelby Hall was born in Ogden, Utah and is a product of Weber State University. She left her position at the IRS to begin a family and has held the distinguished role of wife and mother of four children her entire adult life, and over the past 20 years has excelled as a grandmother.

During the 1970s, while her husband was an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, she was elected president of the ladies auxiliary of the Utah Pharmaceutical Association and served on the Salt Lake City Council of Women. Shelby has also served as PTA president, taught seminary classes for several years, been involved in a variety of community endeavors and has been an active member of her church.

She has been involved in business with her husband Derek both directly and vicariously in the companies he has created and led. She becomes passionate about the products and the people within these various companies the result of which is that Derek introduces her as the Chairman of the Board.

Since beginning her life as an "empty nester" she has travelled far and wide with Derek, shared the stage, and expresses her excitement and enthusiasm for their latest business adventure.

Shelby and Derek live in St. George, the heart of Utah's "Redrock Country" and are enjoying their many adventures together.